Cuban Americans & Evangelical Republicans vs. Columbia University

Norberto Govin will be presenting, soon, evidences of Human Rights Violations committed against Cuban Americans & Republicans Evangelicals by Liberal Democrats in conjunction with Russia and other formers allies of the Soviet Union. It is prudent at this time to ask Miguel Diaz-Canel to resign and appoint temporary, Salvador Valdés Mesa, Cuban Vice-president. If Miguel Diaz-Canel loves his country as Norberto Govin does, he must step down and retire from politics with honor (Santa Clara & Russia)

The truth is not to be concealed behind magic non-natural psychiatric pills!!!

Human Rights Offenders have names and surnames

This is one of the examples of how Russian in conjunction with individuals from Santa Clara are weakening the Cuban American community (reasons not known yet). As we all know one of the businesses feed Cuban American children is their father being a truck driver owner. Dima Gorbacheva and Tatiana Gorbacheva have a business selling old trucks to Dominicans. Dima Gorbacheva moved to Weehawken in a building above the Rumba Cubana restaurant often visited by Russians. Helen Glushankova (Belorussia) from Cliffside park many times voice to me Norberto Govin, that they were negotiating with Santa Clara to remove businesses from Cuban Americans and in return helping new Cubans to open restaurants. She said, in the future Cuban will be dancing and cooking for us. My new Russian educated neighbor…. Zhirinovsky the leader ….

Real News, with Good intentions!! Coming soon!!!

I love Cuba and love United Sates with all my heart. I am fighter ……



My Two homelands


If tomorrow, I will have to raise my wings,
High but very high, in an eternal flight,
Surrounded by miraculous angels,
I would do it with honor, and a happy quixotic soul,
For I have surrounded all my life, my two hands and my soul,
To my two lovely countries,
Cuba and the United States, born of the same branches,
All I’ve tried in my life is to unite them in Eternal Alliance,
So that together we can spread justice, faith and good adventures,
For we have been robbed of all our boldness,
Sons of Champions Sprout and Sons of Champions we will Die,
For the East, Satan, will retreat to its bloody caves,
I’ve never tried to betray any of my two fatherlands.
In the name of Jesus Amen.

Blessed be your lives

Dos patrias

Si mañana, me tocará alzar mis alas,
Alto pero muy alto, en un vuelo eterno,
Rodeado de angélicas golondrinas,
Lo haría con honor, y con un feliz quijotesco cuerpo,
Pues le he ofrendado toda mi vida, mis dos manos y mi alma,
A mis dos queridos pueblos,
Cuba y Estados Unidos, nacidos de las mismas ramas,
Todo lo que he pretendido hacer es unirlos en eterna alianza,
Para que juntos podamos esparcir justicia, fe y buenas andanzas,
Pues nos han robado de todas nuestras audacias,
Hijos de campeones brotamos e hijos de campeones moriremos,
Pues el este, satanás, retrocederá a sus cuevas sanguinarias,
Nunca he intentado traicionar a ninguna de mis dos patrias.
En el nombre de Jesús Amen.

Bendecidas sean sus vidas.

Norbert Govin, Human Rights & Veterans Advocate

Dear Lee Bollinger,

Please at this time all I need is for you to be aware that I will be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation with an international team of doctors. The evaluation starts tomorrow morning in the Mental Institute of Boyeros, Habana.

Also, I would like John Coatsworth to be aware of the above as I did seat and talked to him, many times, in the park. He was very concern about the security of the provost office data.

Given I was sick, before my termination, during the time of the termination and I am still undergoing psychological treatment impairing my decision making capabilities and considering as well that a judge of United States concluded that I am no capable of working (I will send you his explanation) and remember for 9 1/2 years I got good evaluations and completed many projects, the release agreement is invalid. I have consulted Norman Polansky (my therapist) and one of my new lawyers before sending this message.

The termination related documentation is attached. On the day that Lisa Seales campaigned me to the streets, Dominican looking individuals (speaking Spanish) assaulted me in the train beating me up. They were screaming “fck—g Cuban Republican you are an ass—e.” You knew I was sick and did not escort me home.
Dear Christopher B,

This is my offer for you to join my team of lawyers and take back my case. You suggested me that given my medical condition (disability), it was impossible to stand a long trial. I am now temporally residing in Havana in a beautiful apartment owned by the family of my new wife and 7 blocks from the beach. If you accept my offer, start negotiating with Columbia on my behalf. The settlement is invalid.

Norberto Oliverson Govin, Human Rights & Veterans Advocate
Volunteering for:

Sent to Columbia University on 12.04.2019

Dear All,

Guided by common sense and conservative with compassion values, I decided to provide Columbia University with the definition of the title the new lawyers will be presenting my case to Human Rights in New York; “Cuban Americans & Evangelical Republicans versus Columbia University in the City of New York.

CUBAN AMERICANS: Individuals with at least one of the grandparents born in the mainland of Cuba (Cuban are all of races and ethnic groups).

EVANGELICAL REPUBLICANS: Individuals who profess the Christian Evangelical Faith and are active members of the Republican party.

I am demanding without involving my team of lawyers the following:

Fifty million dollars deposited to my Capital One Account, getting back my position as a Data Manager/Analyst to do real Academic Research (Using all my data mining models stopped by Lucy Drotning because I did not have a PhD), and an assurance that my son and my daughter will study at Columbia University. My son, a Dual MBA/LAW Degree, and my daughter a PhD in Psychology. Otherwise, they will both attend the unrecognized best University in the World after Oxford University, Havana University. I want both to get their Bachelor in Havana and their degrees recognized by the United States. I joined Columbia University in 2005 dreaming of transferring some of my Jesuit MBA credits to complete a Dual Degree MBA/LAW at Columbia University or a PhD in Psychology. However, my LSAT scores were …… (for court).


Norberto Oliverson Govin, Independent Human Rights & Veterans Advocate

FYI, I have joined Amnesty International to cover as volunteer cases of Human Rights violations in Cuba and the United States. The group’s name is “USA/CUBA Protecting Human Rights Defenders,” and we have recruited already three members in the United States and three members in Havana/Cuba.


Starting tomorrow, 12.2.2019, Norbert Govin, will be preparing to return to the American workforce and regain his position at Columbia University as a Data Manager/Analyst. He will be working from 9 to 5 from a hotel, where Wi-Fi is available; the Cuban Army protects the place.

Escape Plan 1

Finally, Norbert Govin, with his partner Paul Burns, escaped from Russians/Greeks & Liberals running the Columbia University Prisons.
Escape Plan 2

Norbert Govin is planning to return to Columbia University to rescue other prisoners and need many partners as possible this time. He has offered the partner rank to the Cuban American National Foundation & Human Rights International, but they believe the Mission is Impossible. Only Gaviota is willing to take the risk to protect Cuban Americans. Gaviota is in its Path to Glory. Great Britain & China are also in, fighting for a place in the sun, as Chinese & Anglo-Saxons prisoners are in colossal danger.

Bless you, In God we Trust

Norbert Govin:
1. Independent Human Rights, Veterans & Colored Women Advocate
2. Master’s in business administration
3. Master’s in science, Informatics
4. Fluent in Spanish, Russian & English (Learning Portuguese)
5. International Project Manager Certified
6. Member for Life of the Republican Party
7. Member for Life of the National Rifle Association
8. Member of the Cuban American National Foundation, since 1993
9. Former Lieutenant of the Cuban Army in Reserve
10. Poetry & Historical Fiction Writer

Sent to Donna Fenn on 11.26.2019

Dear All,

Donna, you have two weeks to make an offer before my new set of actions will take place.

My new lawyers will be contacting the University on my behalf in the next couple of weeks (two weeks). My agreement is entirely invalid, given my health condition, which deteriorated as a result of my unfair and cruel termination. My Doctors will provide my new lawyers with the documentation stating my agreement is invalid. Looking for my heritage in Cuba, and why after receiving Political Refugee by the Congress of the United States and the United Nations, I ended in NJ streets and four times in psychiatric hospitals, I discovered many other evidences of Human Rights violation against me, my family and my people which include treason to United States by some of your current employees. Unless you satisfy my demand of giving back my job, a reasonable monetary compensation, and the promised free education for Daniel Nicholas Govin, this case will go to court and trial as Cuban Americans & Evangelical Republicans vs. Columbia University in the City of New York.

Given my demand was not satisfied, I will be contacting Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jose Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart, Mike Pence, Corey Booker, Rick Scott, and others before my lawyers will contact Columbia University. I will also be reaching Raul Castro. (in two weeks)

All pieces of evidence pointing to Human Rights Violation are being published on Facebook and our BLOG (A team of volunteers defending Human Rights) –

Currently, I am allowed by my Doctors to work only as a volunteer.

Norberto Govin, Independent Human Rights & Veterans Advocate


Norbert Govin has sent another message to the administration of Columbia University.

Dear All,

Given I have not received any acknowledgment of you working on my claim. I will be sending letters to all Cuban American Politicians and Entrepreneurs, as well as letters to a selected group of Evangelical Republicans.

I would like you to be aware of the following:
1. Past settlement is completely illegal: my disability, which deteriorated after my termination, impeded consciously signing it.
2. I am searching for a new lawyer to represent my case.


Note: I am seeking to get my job back, a reasonable monetary compensation and the promised free education for my son Daniel Nicholas Govin.

Norbert Govin, Independent Human Rights & Veterans Advocate

OdesLink Media Group will be covering day by day the biggest discrimination case in the last two centuries. Cuban Americans & Evangelical Republicans taking Columbia University in the City of New York to trial, before going after JPMorgan Chase. The case includes Columbia University removing Chinese executives and Afro-Americans employees before totally terminating many Cuban Americans and Anglo-Saxons Republicans as non grata individuals from their grounds. For security reasons we will cover this incredibly case from Gaviota Hotels in Cuba, and our employees writing undercover. The government of Cuba is willing to protect our employees while the trial will fully develop and end.

Odestech Solutions, OdesLink Media Group, 2019


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