Case: Cuban Americans & Republicans vs Columbia University in the City of New York


After my termination on 9.22.2015, I sent a letter to the Affirmative Action office of Columbia University asking to investigate the real motives of my termination. I stated, that it was done based on me being Cuban American, Republican for Life, …, and an NRA member for Life. Immediately they called my ex-wife and told her that I was intimidating Columbia, with weapons, and that they were giving me two options “Jail” or a “Psychiatric Hospital”. My ex-wife was scare, and she has been saying since that day she saved my life. I will make sure she will tell the court about that conversation with Columbia under oath. Indeed, I am a member of the NRA, because I am an advocate of protecting the second amendment, but I do not have weapons and never intended to do so. I listed the NRA in my letter as an example of my conservative values. Indeed, I was the only Cuban American in the department and one of the few in the entire University. Real Republicans can also be counted with two hands. A simple headcount report could have been enough to reverse my termination and give me back my job, after recovering. I sent Resume from well qualified Cuban American professionals and they applied online, but they were not even called for an interview. Who got those open positions? I will tell the court. I am asking Columbia University to give me back my job as Data Manager/Analyst to do real academic research, apologize for so much wrongdoing against me and my family and a reasonable monetary compensation. I am not capable at all to hate or to behave in any way hostile to Lucy Drotning or any other of my colleagues as I know they are victims of the deterioration of the American education. Mark Gurtovy, MD in Psychiatry, in one of my visits told me that I was not good enough because I was incapable of hating. Yes, Mark and Columbia, I believe in God.


As I already stated I was fighting at Columbia University to show that Cuban education was great before and after the Revolution and to pass to my son my conservative values. But I have also Real American Jesuit Education which is also great. I will explain this in detail after Thanksgiving Day. I spent 5 years of studying electronics in a Russian University (when the chaos took over Russia), and I have no clue what electronics is, because all they were doing was indoctrinating Cubans to hate Socialism and our Cuban Revolution.

God bless your lives, in God we Trust

Norberto Govin, Human Rights & Veterans Advocate