Argentinian delegation reveals human rights violations in Bolivia

La Paz, Nov 30 (Prensa Latina) The Argentinian delegation that is carrying out a fact-finding investigation on human rights violations following the coup d’etat in Bolivia revealed on Saturday facts that it deemed dramatic.

Luis Arias, former judge of the city of La Plata who is a member of the Delegation of Solidarity with the People of Bolivia, said military who back the coup raped women even after they were dead.

The Argentinian activists, after listening to the direct victims and families in their first day in Bolivia, noted that there are not enough words to describe the suffering, pain, sorrow, and the great calamities that are striking some sectors of the Bolivian people, especially women, farmers, and native people. In a report summarizing the results of the investigations, they underline that they confirmed that many Bolivians, especially the poorest ones, have suffered repression by the Armed and State Security Forces, following orders of the de facto government.

They emphasize that the de facto government is directly accountable for deaths, wounded people, illegal arrests and other abuses and humiliations occurred in Senkata, in the city of El Alto, as a result of brutal repressive actions and subsequent impunity and cover-up by the authorities. Besides, the ‘State’ will not give any answer nor information to the relatives; there is no legal investigation whatsoever.

This mission arrived on Thursday under harassment, threats, and slander of reactionary right-winged sectors and of the coup-d’etat government, established after Evo Morales resigned on November, 10, under duress by high-ranking military officers.

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